During the World Football Summit, numerous leading figures in the international football scene took turns, among them we take 3 food for thought of 3 great personalities from the world of football, who give a brief assessment of the situation caused by the pandemic within the various international football movements.
Let’s start with the Statement by Director Emilio Butragueno (International Relations Director of REAL MADRID) concerning the very complicated situation in which the various clubs are finding themselves and the lessons learned from Covid-19:
“The first lesson is that what seems impossible is possible, everything can change overnight. The second is our ability to overcome difficulties. We have been able to return and we should be very proud. The third lesson is that we must be united. When we are united, we win. I think these are the three lessons of this period “
Then there was the intervention of the Young President of SSC Bari, Luigi de Laurentiis on the impact of Covid-19 on the salaries of the players:
“Salaries are likely to drop by 20-25 percent, which would help. Overall, if we talk about big players, they will keep their value, but surely in the shorter period we will certainly see some minor numbers in that sector. So yes, I think salaries and transfers will be affected by this situation “
As a conclusion we present the figure of Alex Leitao, CEO of Orlando City, MLS team on the theme of Covid-19 that adapts the transfer market:
“2020 will be tough for every single club in the world and at the same time I think the transfer market will adapt. Some players we were discussing before the pandemic, now the clubs come back to us with different numbers. From the point of view of a club, it’s interesting to see what those numbers will be like. In my opinion those numbers were very high … The whole activity will be regulated after the pandemic “
The challenge of Covid 19 has certainly led everyone to rethink current strategies and to find new and innovative solutions to move forward with a spirit of sacrifice and passion for this sport.
Statement by Javier Tebas, President of La Liga:
“Within 3 seasons, football will return to what it was.” The coronavirus pandemic has completely shaken the football industry, with some leagues that need to be canceled and others that return only without fans. La Liga falls into the latter category, returned on 11 June to complete the last 11 rounds of the campaign behind closed doors.

There have been significant financial losses for those involved in Spanish football, but La Liga president Javier Tebas does not believe that there will be serious long-term effects from COVID-19, assuming that a vaccine can be found and distributed. Speaking on the opening day of WFS Live offered by Ronaldo, Tebas drew a timeline for the gradual return of football to complete normalcy.
“There will be some transfers, but those that each club can manage economically. But the big purchases paid in cash, we will not see them. One of 100 million euros is impossible. And those above 50 million euros, we will be able to count on fingers of yours and mine “
Statement by Ornella Desiree Bellia (Head of Professional Football of FIFA and Member of Advisory Board of WFS):
“One of Covid-19’s lessons is that more female leadership positions are needed to help manage crisis situations. If you look at countries with some of the best Covid-19 responses, they are women-led countries. If you look in Germany , but also in New Zealand, Iceland … These countries have distinguished themselves for their prompt, efficient and effective response to the crisis “
Statement by Ebru Koksal (Women in Football) on the lack of support mechanisms for women in the sector:
“I didn’t have a good support mechanism, I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have other women on the board, I didn’t have anyone to reach, I was all alone. It’s so difficult to survive in that environment because everyone tries to crush you. It’s very difficult survive unless you have the support mechanisms, but it is also equally important to be aware of yourself in your leadership journey. “
Statement by Magda Pozzo (Udinese and Watford), on women who thrive in innovative areas of business:
“We have to do more as women, we have to create a movement, but I think it’s just a natural development of the business. I think we are seeing a change with the growth of so many innovative areas of the business. Areas where women are very good so it will become very natural. I am very positive and very optimistic about it. “

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