The club generated €46.4m of commercial revenue in the year, with double digit growth driven by an additional €6.1m of sponsorship revenue, as well as an additional €0.7m revenue from the exploitation of the SSC Napoli brand and sale of branded products. This was, however, offset by a decrease in the number of pre-season friendlies, which saw revenue from this stream decrease.

Napoli Football Team is one of the most consistent clubs in Italy, the team won the edition 2019-20 Coca Cola Cup (Coppa Italia). They have the fourth biggest fanbase in Italy but their San Paolo stadium has seen better days, despite ongoing redevelopment that includes the creation of a museum. They have signed a new lease with the municipality which keeps them at the ground until 2028. Brand value has fallen by 8% to €188 million. The club is building a broader profile and has opened an Amazon online store 3 year ago.

The management of President De Laurentiis foresees low costs and never taking the longest step. This is the reason that leads to acquire, for example, Hirving Lozano for 40 million euros and not James Rodriguez, who has a much higher cost in the annual salary management. Low wages and shrewd entrepreneurship mean that budgets are practically always in profit. The maximum was reached in 2016-17, the year of the sale of Higuain, with a profit of 66 million euros, a monstrous figure. Turnover always depends on three factors: Television rights, Champions League qualification and Capital gains from player sales. For the rest, operations change from year to year, reaching the maximum in this sporting season with a management figure of 115 million.

Forbes estimated the club is the fifth most valuable club in Italy, worth $379 million USD. Napoli are also one of the associate members of the European Club Association (ECA).

It is certainly a very simple economic and financial model where there are no investments in infrastructure (primarily the Stadium and Sports Center) and there is no well-structured company as happens in Europe, being a family holding company, however, it is currently the only company in Italy not to be in debt and to be almost always profitable in compliance with the rules of Financial Fair Play imposed by UEFA, with constant growth year after year. It can be considered an example to follow for all those Italian and European clubs that do not have owners who have infinite financial resources such as Manchester City, PSG and in Italy Juventus.

Just an example of last years : SSCN Turnover and Profit Growth from 2011/2012 to 2018/2019


Prior to being refounded in 2004 by film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis, the Club, under his guide, has stabilized, which has led to renewed on-field success, winning the 2012, 2014, and 2020 Coppa Italia titles. One Italian SuperCup in 2014 (waiting for edition of 2020 against Juventus FC) and for 11 years in a row it is present in European competitions, the only team in Italy to achieve this.

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