Digital transformation, or the revision and simplification of business processes made possible by digital technologies, is having an increasingly important impact also in the professional football industry.
From the management of relations with fans (fan engagement) to marketing and sales, from communication to the management of the stadium and ticket office, from finance to the technical area (just think of the increasingly pushed use of data in performance analysis sports), it also refers to the use of VAR during matches and in training the increasingly widespread use of drones and programs that control the physical preparation of the players, limiting as much as possible the possibility of injuries; there is no sector in which new technologies are not bringing about significant changes in the way football clubs are run.

And to better grasp the benefits of this important transformation of the organizational paradigm, clubs, like any other company, increasingly find themselves with the need to include within their organizational charts figures able to combine their respective professional knowledge with a use advanced digital technologies.
The importance of creating a technology department, headed by a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) who can manage and prepare the best growth strategies at a digital level, also incorporating projects that many football clubs still do not have today, I am referring to their own television channel, its own radio, an unofficial information site that communicates the work and future projects that the Club would like to carry out in all parts of the world.

The inclusion in social networks, the famous social network, which is increasingly important in communicating promotional messages and gaining the sympathy of more and more fans in the new emerging markets of football, just think of the MLS and the China Super League. In addition to the classic social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube which, must be strengthened by most companies, even the most famous and well-known, we must try to understand the importance of the birth of new social channels as could be the case with TikTok and to arrive in markets where there is the presence of other social networks, as is the case in China, with the various WeChat (WhatsApp), Sinaweibo (Twitter), RenRen (Facebook) that are used by millions of boys and girls interested in travel , to sport and in general to the knowledge of Western culture (Europe in primis).

As you can see, these are all situations that are very well connected to each other and there are joint growth paths between the world of football and the world of economy together with tourism that have led us to believe for years that the true development of sport and society in general passes through the correct use of these technological tools that are now available in all production sectors, including entertainment and sporting events, where football is the absolute protagonist on a global level.

Published by Marco Perrotta

Last news about Italian Football, around the world of soccer and the new tendencies of sports industry in optical Glocal, from one of the 5 big teams in Italy to arrive in a new league like Major League Soccer (MLS) and China Super League. The only indepent site for fans and strangers supporters, that like "Calcio".

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