Today the strongest player of all time Diego Armando Maradona celebrates 60 years, his deeds both in the Argentina national team, with the victory of the 86 World Cup in Mexico and the amazing explosion in the Napoli team, which led him to be in top in the Olympus of world football, winning everything with a team that before his arrival had won little and above all was not so often used to being on important stages, summing up in just 7 years from 1984 to 1991 he won 2 Scudetti ( but they could have been 3) 1 Uefa Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup, 1 Italian Cup.

Analyzing in detail the Italian League has always been the prerogative of 3 teams Juventus, Milan and Inter but in that period a team that historically navigated in the middle of the table in Serie A, having previously had important moments that led it to reach a maximum of 2 place in the standings and have won only 2 Italian Cups, but true affirmations at national and international level had never been despite the great participation of the city and its fans recognized by all as one of the best in Italy . The victory of the Uefa Cup in 1989 was very prestigious, because the context was different then today, only the first of each European Championship went to the Champion League, whoever won the Scudetto, while those who finished in 2nd and 3rd place could participate to the Uefa Cup, so it was closer to a current Champions League than to today’s Europa League where the 5 and 6 classified of the major European championships are participating.

Another consideration concerns the Italy 90 World Cup where even there Maradona representing for better or for worse a city like Naples, brought to success thanks to his genius, his undisputed skill and his strong personality, the rest of Italy seeing his own defeat National team with Maradona’s Argentina at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples, did everything to ensure that the final played in Rome against Germany would put an end to this moral slap that was unsustainable to manage and endure, since it was not conceivable that such a genius or rather the God of football as many call him had chosen a poor, dirty and mediocre city to express all his talent.

In conclusion, especially aimed at younger people who say they have seen aliens like Leo Messi or CR7, when the latter get involved in normal teams and try to emulate what this Lord has done, then the comparison will certainly hold up, but as long as we they hide behind great teams with sophisticated game systems and where there are numerous Champions, then unfortunately they are destined to remain Great Champions incomparable compared to the fantastic story of Maradona.

We leave you this nice little song as a souvenir : “Maradona è megl’ e Pelè c’amm fatt’ o mazz tant’ pell’avè”.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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