Napoli Femminile are living the dream of their first historic participation in the Serie A Femminile in this 2020-2021 season.

Their idea of following the “Barcelona model” when it comes to the growth of the youth sector, nurturing a cantera that allows you to find your future champions internally, confirm that although there are still some substantial differences compared to world of men’s football, the Naples-based club are serious about making women’s football relive at the foot of the Mount Vesuvius.

Napoli Femminile recently elected their new Board of Directors at the end of a shareholders meeting – being a widespread-shareholding company a characteristic of the club owned by Carpisa company president Raffaele Carlino.

Napoli are indeed the first non-professional sports club in Italy to involve a pool of companies in a widespread shareholder base. This allows the use of industrial processes in the management of the club and makes it easier to monitor the resources invested by the various partners. A “historic” fan of women’s football, Carlino is thus giving new impetus to the team with his commitment to set up a competitive team.

The club’s facilities are also more than respectable. For the 2020-21 season, Napoli Femminile’s games are being hosted at Caduti di Brema Stadium in the Barra district of Naples, a venue whose capacity is 4000, whereas their training center – the Schiana Arena – is located in the Bacoli suburb. 

On top of Raffaele Carlino, the Board of Directors includes some prominent entrepreneurs in Italy such as  managing director Francesco Tripodi, Riccardo Guarino, Luigi Pansa, and Luciano Cimmino – the president of Pianoforte Holding, which owns clothing brands Carpisa, Yamamay, and Jaked.

The first goal of finding a common house for the over club members – from the first team to the youth teams (starting with the Under-8 and Under-10) – was successfully achieved. The next step for Napoli Femminile is to create a brand identity that could attract more sponsors on top of the current Carpisa, Jacked, Yamamay, Idea Bellezza, and Centro Minerva.
On that note, the club recently launched a new website and started to publicize more their identity via the slogan and hashtag #wearenapoli. 

Published by Marco Perrotta

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