According to the Report of the IQUII company in analyzing the social profiles of the various clubs in La Liga, it is noted that both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are always in the first 2 places in this eternal and infinite fight between the 2 most important clubs in Spain, of Europe, but I would say of the World.
Starting with Facebook, we note that Real Madrid is first with almost 111 million followers, closely followed by FC Barcelona with 103 million and after several million we find Atletico de Madrid in third position with 13.7 million followers. Valencia are in 4th place with 3.4 million while Sevilla in fifth place with 1.9 million.

Let’s proceed now with Twitter and we notice that Real Madrid is always in first position with 35 million and FC Barcelona in second position slightly behind with 34 million followers, a real social war between the two Spanish football superpowers. In third position we find the Atletico de Madrid club, followed by Valencia CF in fourth position and Sevilla in fifth position, which are the teams that have always participated with excellent results in European competitions.

On the other hand, analyzing Instagram we notice that in the top five positions that are usually well distributed and known, the only difference is the entry of Real Betis de Sevilla in fifth place and the position of Valencia further back in sixth place. All the first 3 positions are confirmed with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid, instead Sevilla moves to 4th place, noting that they are a very active team on this side.

In the table that deals with the data on Youtube, we notice a novelty that would be the first position of FC Barcelona with 10.3 million which takes Real Madrid off a lot in 2nd place with exactly 6 million views, after we find in third position even Real Betis with 379K, perhaps due to the phenomenon Joaquin, who gave the Sevillian club a lot of visibility on the internet. In fourth place is Atletico Madrid and in fifth place Sevilla.

In conclusion, we can say that in the general analysis of all the social networks where the various clubs participating in the La Liga are present, the final ranking is this:

1) REAL MADRID, which is increasingly confirmed as a unique and special club on a planetary level.
2) FC BARCELONA, which despite everything confirms itself as a very formidable opponent on every occasion, both on and off the pitch, this thing makes La Liga very popular and suggestive to follow as there are the first 2 clubs in the world for importance and notoriety.
3) ATLETICO DE MADRID, could be defined as the third wheel, but in recent years it has become a very solid and established reality and often plays on a par with the first 2 of the class, without having fears or fears due to the difference in potential expressed .
4) VALENCIA CF, a historical reality of Spanish football which in recent years has come to the high expectations of the fans, but which nevertheless maintains a high interest in the team.
5) SEVILLA FC, winner of the Europa League numerous times and a difficult club to face in European competitions due to the great game they can deliver.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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