With a resolution approved today, 04/12/2020 the stadium was named after Diego Armando Maradona. The resolution was proposed by the Mayor Luigi de Magistris, by the councilor for toponymy Alessandra Clemente and signed by the entire City Council, which met in Palazzo San Giacomo. Shortly before the meeting of the Executive Committee, the Advisory Commission for City Toponymy had approved the proposal of the Mayor, the Councilor for Toponymy Alessandra Clemente and the City Council, naming the San Paolo stadium after Diego Armando Maradona with the name Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

In the official act of the municipal administration of Naples, Diego Armando Maradona is remembered as “the greatest footballer of all time, whose very high sporting merits have been recognized, among other things, with the appointment as ambassador of FIFA, who with his immense talent and his magic, he honored the Napoli team shirt for seven years, giving it the two historical championships and other prestigious cups, and receiving in exchange from the whole city an eternal and unconditional love “.

“Maradona – reads the resolution – embodied the redemption symbol of a team which, in the darkest years, demonstrated that it is possible to get up, win and triumph, while offering a message of hope and beauty to the whole city ​​because, through the football victories of the Argentine champion, it was not only the Napoli team that won, but the whole city, which fully identifies with him; always on the side of the weakest and the common people, Maradona fought the prejudices and discrimination that Neapolitans were still subjected to in the stadiums, becoming the idol of the entire city, which also forgave him the weaknesses and frailties of ‘man who never overshadowed the greatness of the champion “De Magistris in his resolution also underlines that he conferred honorary citizenship on Diego Armando Maradona in 2017, as a public attesting to the profound admiration and gratitude on the part of the city and that” never anyone managed to identify himself so completely in the body and soul of Naples, with which El Pibe de Oro shared the genius and uniqueness, but also the recklessness and torments that made him a true son of the city “even Municipal Council remembers the great champion who passed away as the son of this city who came from afar who wrote us in history and who is written in the history of this city “and reminds even the proclamation of city mourning for the day of his funeral. “Maradona – reads the resolution of the Giunta de Magistris – is also loved and remembered by those who are not passionate about football or by those who, born after his legendary football feats, have not lived through the years of his success; the manifestations of condolences and the acknowledgments received have also exceeded all sporting, social, geographical, political and religious borders, which have had very rare precedents, to the point of making the naming of “his” Neapolitan stadium a unanimous chorus of far greater scope wide of the city supporters “In conclusion, the resolution – approved unanimously – establishes” the naming of the San Paolo stadium after Diego Armando Maradona with the name of the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, subject to the authorization of the Prefect of the Province of Naples, as required by law n.1188 of 23/6/1927 and by the Municipal Regulations for Toponymy and Civic Numbering. “

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