At the level of individual players, the IQUII Sport report examines the social platform, Twitter where we note that in the first 4 positions there are two female Inter players, the first ever in this ranking is Rincon Yoreli, the captain of Colombia women and then the best known at the national level striker and captain of Inter, Regina Baresi and two of the Juventus Women, midfielder Rosucci Martina and the defender of the Italian national team, Gama Sara, then we have in 5th and 6th place two female AC Milan players and then in 7th place the striker of Napoli Women, Ana Lucia Martinez icon in her country of origin, Guatemala, and very popular on social media precisely because she reached this great milestone of playing in Europe, first in Spain and then in Italy, not to underestimate his importance and international standing for the team where he currently plays.

The current situation sees the use of this social network more present among foreign players than Italian ones, also at the level of followers; in the top positions they all belong to big teams such as Juventus, Inter and Milan but the only exception in this regard is for the Napoli player, the Guatemalan Ana Lucià Martinez, a true social star in her country and certainly an added value for the Neapolitan team, to make yourself known internationally and create your own brand awareness.

While if we analyze Instagram the situation is different because not all of them use the different social networks on the market in the same way, here in first place is the Roma player, Alves Andressa, then followed in second position by the Juventus player Barbara Bonansea and Inter player Rincon Yoreli already present in the previous ranking. In fifth position we find with great amazement the spearhead of the newly promoted Napoli, the striker Eleonora Goldoni and followed in 6th place by the Milan captain, Valentina Giacinti, a great reference point for his team.

The Italian players seem to prefer this social network more, even if they lose the top positions (ie 1 and 3) in favor of two important players, a Brazilian and a Colombian. Also in this case all are from well-organized teams and attend the top positions in the Championship, but the only exception concerns once again a player from Napoli, this time it is the striker Eleonora Goldoni, a real hit of the market for the Neapolitan team.

Finally, looking at the total ranking of the two social networks analyzed, we note that in the first position remains the champion of Rome, the Brazilian striker, Alves Andressa in second position the Juventus midfielder Bonansea Barbara, in third place on the podium is the midfielder / striker of Inter Rincon Yoreli, immediately afterwards there are the other Juventus player Rosucci Martina and the spearhead of the Napoli Female, Eleonora Goldoni, to whom we wish the best in the continuation of this championship after having patiently passed the period of positivity at Covid.

In the general comparison by analyzing the total of the numbers concerning the 2 social networks, we note that in making a comparison between the first of Twitter that is the Colombian Rincon Yoreli of Inter and the Brazilian Alves Andressa of Roma, the absolute comparison wins the captain of Colombia who is present not only on Twitter but occupies a considerable position on Instagram placing itself in 3 position. Among the first 10 places in the General Classification, the Italians are the most present; the Roma club has the only real foreign top player because it is Brazilian but in which it can invest a lot to strengthen its staff even more.

It must be said that the Italian women’s championship is beginning to become very coveted by very strong players who come from other countries and this is very good for the movement to grow and strengthen its positioning in Europe.

This is the starting point where there are already prominent elements in the women’s championship who could in the near future attract the increasing attention of fans around the world and of television or media in general.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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