SSC Napoli closed the 2020 financial statements in the red for 18.97 million euros, with turnover down due to the Covid effect; this is what emerges from the financial statements at 30 June of the Neapolitan club.

In detail, the De Laurentiis company in the 2019/20 season had revenues, including capital gains, of 274.7 million, down 8.4% from the 299.6 million of the financial statements as at 30 June 2019. Among the main items of turnover for Napoli, revenues from TV rights amounted to 121.2 million euros (142.8 in 2018/19) of which 54.2 from Serie A and 61 million from Uefa competitions, while capital gains amounted to 95.8 million euros (83.2 in 2018/19), stadium revenues amounted to 13.1 million (15.8 in 2018/19) and sponsorship revenues amounted to 27.1 million (36.7 in 2018/19).

In addition to the matches played behind closed doors, the shift in the financial statements of the 2020/21 season of some revenues linked to the matches played after June 30, in particular, about 6.8 million revenues from sponsorships and 22,8 million in revenues from television rights will be recognized in the current year. Therefore, considering the approximately 29.6 million euros moved to the 2021 budget, the revenues of the 2020 season would have been higher than those of 2018/19

As for capital gains, the main deals were the following:

Amadou Diawara to Roma for 21 million: 19.3 million capital gain;
Roberto Inglese to Parma for 20 million: 16.9 million capital gain;
Marko Rog to Cagliari for 15 million: 12.7 million capital gain;
Simone Verdi in Turin for 22 million: 11.1 million capital gain.

Costs amounted to 294.8 million euros, up 17% from the 252 million euros of the financial statements as at 30 June 2019. The growth in depreciation linked to players (which went from 82 to 118 million euro) and the growth in personnel costs (from 135.1 to 140.7 million).

The growth in depreciation is linked to the transfer market, we said. In particular, the most expensive purchases of the last season were:

Irving Lozano from PSV for 35 million;
Stanislav Lobotka from Betis for 20.9 million;
Andrea Petagna from Spal for 16.5 million;
Elif Elmas from Fenerbahce for 16.1 million;
Amir Rrahmani from Hellas Verona for 14.2 million

With regard to salaries, the contractual compensation of the players went from 101.6 to 112.1 million euros, while the contractual compensation of the coaches fell from 10.1 to 6.4 million euros. However, “in compliance with federal provision No. 228 / A of 22 June 2020, which indicated that the salary of June 2020 should be divided into three months, or in June, July and August following the postponement to 31 August 2020 of the 2019 sports season / 20, the quotas for July and August will fall into the balance sheet as at 30 June 2021 even if they refer to the 2019/20 season “.

SSC Napoli’ Financial Statements thus returns to close in the red for 18.97 million, after the profit of 29.1 million in the Financial Statements as at 30 June 2019 and the red of 6.4 million in the Financial Statements as at 30 June 2018.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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