The appeal of the Chinese League for foreign players inevitably falls given the provision that will come into force from next year and will be valid at least until 2023.

The maximum limit of 3 million euros gross imposed by the Chinese Football Association (Cfa) on the salaries of foreign footballers risks revolutionizing the appearance of the Chinese League. Many of the champions who flew to the East driven by stratospheric salaries, could decide to make the reverse journey and therefore return to Europe.

According to Eurosport reports, the new measures of the Chinese Football Association, which had already taken measures in 2019 by setting the salary limit to 3 million euros net, should not have an effect on existing contracts; players like Oscar, Pellè and El Shaarawy will therefore continue to receive their pharaonic salary, until the expiry of the contract.

The Italian forward Pellè in force at Shandong Luneng, however, has his contract expiring at the end of 2020. And in the same situation, the Brazilians Hulk and Alex Teixeira are also found. A contract renewal would force them to drastically reduce their wages and this could push them to return to Europe.

But who are the highest paid players in the Chinese Super League who, once they have reached the end of their contract, would consider a return to Europe?

Here is the ranking:

  1. Oscar – 23,4 million euros
  2. Bakambu – 19,5 million euros
  3. Hulk – 16,6 million euros
  4. Pellè – 15 million euros
  5. El Shaarawy – 15 million euros
  6. Paulinho – 14 million euros
  7. Eder – 13 million euros
  8. Fellaini – 12,4 million euros
  9. Arnautovic – 11,9 million euros
  10. Alex Teixeira – 10,9 million euros
  11. Talisca – 9,3 million euros
  12. Hamsik – 8,8 million euros

As a conclusion, the real reason that pushed many famous players to move to China could stop for the moment the growth of Chinese football, which was experiencing a golden moment and which is benefiting so much from the use of foreign players. it will be very difficult from next year to count on new players from other parts of the world and especially to keep those who still play there.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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