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It is known to all that the sports industry has grown a lot in recent years both in terms of benefits and interest and that is why it has become an entertainment and as such, a business. Clubs, leagues and federations alike are trying to improve their business ideas and recruit more and more of the best possible professionals to make the most of all the options available to them. In our case, we are going to focus on the issue of football stadiums and more specifically on the Santiago Bernabéu stadium belonging to Real Madrid C.F. It is clear that stadiums are a source of income that must be taken into account by football clubs but this is not used all that it should be used, except on rare occasions. In our case, we want to make use of it also in the matches that Real Madrid C.F. play away from home to make the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium profitable as much as possible.

The Disruptive Technologies that we are going to use will be: Virtual Reality, 5G, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Drones.

On non-match days at home, we want to offer fans of Real Madrid C.F. A unique and unrepeatable experience. The proposal consists of creating a package of options that all revolve around technology and allow us to increase income as a club by making use of our most important asset, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. First of all, fans will be offered a visit to the new Real Madrid CF museum, within which, in addition to seeing the club’s trophies and historical materials, they will be able to carry out simulations, photos with their idols or historical first-person views through the latest technology in both virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Second, and already inside the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, they will be offered a live drone race before the start of the match played by Real Madrid C.F. as a visitor. This race will be carried out by professionals and there will be both lights and music that will make this race a spectacle worth witnessing. Third, through virtual reality glasses and the latest technology in the sector, fans will be able to watch the game live facilitated by Movistar Plus as if the players were playing in front of them and all of them will be able to live an experience with this technology. unique and unrepeatable. In addition, thanks to Big Data, they will be able to see live statistics and ask questions about any football curiosity while the game is played with answers instantly. And in fourth and last place, within the package offered, Real Madrid C.F. makes available to its fans all the restaurants that the new Santiago Bernabéu will have so that they can make use of them. In this sense, at half-time and through the Real Madrid C.F. fans will be able to place the order so that when the match is over and they go to the restaurant in question, everything is ready for their tasting

The first year will be tests with small groups to evaluate the experience and analyze the aspects in which it could improve.

The second year will be implementation of the idea with creation of content in the RRSS, obtaining data, advertising in RRSS, Google and website, sale of content to fans of the drone race or its celebrations during the game and in the museum, links in the App with Real Madrid CF clothing promotions, etc.

Thank you for the support and the attention!

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