Good Morning everyone and Happy Sunday! We offer a preview of our first creation of a football article no longer based on technical and news data but rather a great novelty arising from an idea of innovation and change compared to the rest of sports information in general.

We present the so-called EFAM (Economic and Financial Analysis of the Match) or an economic and financial analysis on the trend of the match in question, and we take the data available on the portal http://www.transfermarkt.com and evaluate based on the market values in the field how did the game go for both football teams.

Our first analysis will be on the match of the 19th day of the Serie B Championship between Frosinone and Reggina, a game played yesterday 23 January 2021. According to the data analyzed at the end of the match we start with a first consideration, total value of Serie B amounts to about 400 million euros, and the two teams have a total value of 15,150,000.00 million which as a percentage of the total of Serie B accounts for 3.8% so we are certainly not talking about the most expensive teams; even if it should be emphasized that Frosinone is in 7th position for total salaries of the squad, with a total value of almost 20 million euros, a real asset to be protected and matured in the next two years for a possible promotion to Serie A, while Reggina is in 14th place, with a total value of 13.20 million euros, for a newly promoted by Lega Pro, we are talking about the third division it is not bad considering that they have precious pieces in the squad such as the French striker Jeremy Menez, who in the past was a Milan player and German Denis, the Argentine striker who played for Napoli and Atalanta; therefore the difference in values exists even if it is not clear.

Analyzing in detail the match that ended in a draw between the teams with a 1 to 1 that makes no one happy, we can say that the goals of Frosinone who found the equalizer thanks to a penalty awarded by the referee marked from player Tabanelli, who took over from the bench who is certainly in the lower part of the yellow-blue squad, if we consider market value. Instead, Reggina’s first goal was the result of an action from midfield that was finalized on an assist by Menez by the cheapest player in the squad Folorunsho as market price is the penultimate on the list, really a great satisfaction for him to be the protagonist of a goal that brought their team to the advantage and that thanks to this goal it was possible to earn 1 point at the end of the match.

The final considerations that this type of analysis wants to carry out is that we often struggle to find expensive players and spend more and more failing to understand that the real key to success lies in enhancing their players with at most 2/3 important elements that can give extra tranquility. It is not always true that those who spend the most or who has the most expensive players in the squad always win, on the contrary, you can achieve great goals even with a good squad that is well managed and well organized tactically that can best express their talent by hitting important goals

In this match, given the balance of value clearly in favor of Frosinone, it can be said with certainty that the point earned by Reggina is worth much more than the point obtained by Frosinone, not only because they played at home but because the yellow-blue team has a very strong squad, competitive that can do much better.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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