The first day of the second round of the Serie A Women’s championship finally sees the first victory in the championship of the Azzurre and therefore allows Napoli to leave the last place in the standings for the first time, now occupied by Bari, defeated by the Azzurre in the clash direct. Coach Pistolesi rejoices in his home debut, thanks to Popadinova who turned a golden ball served by Goldoni in three points – a surprise right-wing midfielder – at the beginning of the second half.

Start of the match with Napoli close to the advantage with a shot from Huchet that is deflected by Soro in corner kick. Bari, however, dangerous on the counterattack with Weston first and above all with Helmwal who is literally blocked by an amazing Perez. The Azzurre are close to scoring again with a southpaw by Rijsdijk from a cross from the inspired Hjohlman (whose conclusion in the 25th minute is rejected with punches by Myllyoja). Lots of wind and some scrum up to the end of the first half, net of a very occasional one for Rijsdijk, who had Myllyoja rejected the left-handed shot just a few steps away from goalkeeper: teams in the locker room for the interval.

The second half begins without changes but not without emotions with Perez coming out victorious from a furious melee in the Neapolitan area. At that point the advantage of Napoli arrived: ball inside Oliviero for Goldoni, head assist for Popadinova and right at the top corner of the Bulgarian (third consecutive goal). Azzurre proactive even after the goal thanks to Errico and Goldoni. Bari is seen again with Helmwal in the 29th minute, right diagonal that does not worry Perez, confident in blocking. Nervousness in the final, two expelled – one on each side – and a lot of struggle. Finally, after many attempts, Napoli came out the winner, with great merit, and the big party for the Azzurre started immediately with blaring music and fireworks.

Congratulations to this team that has changed speed and that we hope will last until the last breath and that with so much heart, determination and courage will be able to fight for the position in the standings that will allow it to remain in this category until the end of the season.

We believe that you never give up because #wearenapoli!

Published by Marco Perrotta

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