Dear President, the many fans of SSC Napoli 1926 in Italy and around the world are asking you for a definitive change that they have been waiting for for years but which unfortunately does not arrive, to make the Club a point of international importance that can plan the future well and to give satisfaction to the its Supporters, being the only metropolitan area in Europe to have only one team.

We have been back in Serie A for 14 years and we have been playing competitions in Europe for 12, I think the time has come for everyone to invest seriously and professionally in a club that deserves much more in terms of organization and sports facilities.

Let’s start by saying that all the great European teams playing in the Champions League enjoy their own stadium at the height of internationally renowned sporting events, this is really a crucial point that needs to be answered as soon as possible, it is about credibility and planning. of the future of the team, if you want to reach the level of the European Top Clubs, you can no longer ignore this aspect. There are various solutions to be adopted but surely you are not asked Mr. President to spend almost 1 billion euros as Tottenham did for New White Hart Lane, but looking at our home we already have five clubs, one of which is in Serie B. have found the courage and confidence to expose themselves and have embraced the football of the future with a stadium that does not live only on match day, but also seeks to earn from various initiatives aimed at involving the entrepreneurial and social fabric of their territory as well as take advantage of your own initiatives such as setting up a museum, do not forget that having had the strongest player of all time DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA, there is no need for advertising to unleash a flow of fans from all over the world (Sports Tourism) to know the places of the Pibe de Oro.

Another point is to create a company headquarters as all the main teams have, I mean a real business organization that is divided by Areas \ Departments (Commercial, Marketing, Legal, Finance and Management Control, International Relations, Digital, Scouting, etc. …). My preference goes to Casa Milan, a point of reference and meeting place where all the people who revolve around the company can have a clear and fixed place where they can face all the problems, obviously creating a hierarchical structure that can act as a filter between the Sports Director and the Property, we are not a team of the Amateur League, with all due respect to those who play that Championship.

Another point that is ignored very strongly is that of the youth sector, La Cantera as they call it in Spain, it is now known to everyone that investing and developing in the youth sector is very profitable and convenient because it avoids you from buying unknown players at huge amounts of money, being able to count on a territory such as that of the Campania Region, from which the best Italian talents come out and the number is really high of young promises, who on the contrary in the absence of a strong organization of SSC Napoli turn to other Italian companies that rightly take advantage of our colossal lack of attention and opportunity to create value from nothing, as we did in the recent past with Lorenzo Insigne! It is necessary to invest in an owned Sports Center that has all the adequate structures capable of supporting what in the past you called “La Scugnizzeria”.

Excuse me for this direct communication of mine, however, the shortcomings from a corporate point of view are really too many and we cannot afford to wait any longer, the financial self-management process is fine, but modern companies are no longer based only on television revenues, on capital gains from the sale of players and the sporting results, we must intervene to give solidity and concreteness even when things go wrong, I think he can take advantage of a suggestion from a simple fan who has had the good fortune to understand and study the Real Madrid model and who can clearly tell you that there are many models around Europe that can be replicated and are equally virtuous, investing and producing wealth in adopting serious and professional projects in relation to a New Stadium owned, the Youth Sector, the Sports Center, to the structured organization of a company that has a building, a building where there are children, people ready to work to improve the SSC Napoli Brand in the World.

President do not disappoint us, please, we still have time to change course and make the history of our Club! Never give up.


Marco Perrotta

Published by Marco Perrotta

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