There is great expectation for a championship day that sees Napoli Women vs Sassuolo at home, looking for the points necessary to stay in Serie A Women again next year, the technical change on the bench, with the arrival of Mister Pistolesi bodes well for the possible sporting miracle that President Carlino’s club is trying to achieve, with all the necessary energy and strength.

The match begins with a great balance between the two teams who begin to study each other closely and try to restart on the counterattack, the NeroVerdi team is the first to have a sensational goalball with a shot from outside the area that takes the crossbar, all happen in the opening minutes of the match. Again for Sassuolo after halfway through the first half in a well-fought and tactically difficult match, he finds a post that saves the team of the Azzurre who suffer the counterattacks of their opponents. Immediately after the development of a corner in favor of the NeroVerdi, the goalkeeper of the Azzurre, Tasselli shows off with a great save that saves the result in the draw, showing great character and determination to take over from the goalkeeper who is currently injured Colombian Catalina Perez, to whom our best wishes go for a speedy recovery. The first half ends with the result of 0 to 0 which can all in all be tight for the major chances had by the opposing team, but which favors Napoli and who can count on a different approach in the second half of the match.

The second half begins as the end of the first half with a great desire to fight and suffer to try to reach a good result, but for the naivety of the Azzurre defender, it is the player Fusini, who literally gives a corner to the opposing team, which had already benefited from several corner kicks in the first part of the match, after a shot rejected by the Azzurre Tasselli goalkeeper, in the rebound the ball ends up between Santoro’s feet who scores the goal of the advantage from under goal del NeroVerdi, really a colossal naivety from the Neapolitan Team.

The road becomes difficult and the pace of play increases and the desire of the Azzurri to reach a draw that could arrive after half-time, where Hjohlman runs to look for the ball but in front of the Sassuolo goalkeeper he makes a sensational mistake; another opportunity comes at the end of the match with a shot from distance that finds the intersection of the posts, luck is certainly not on our side. The pressure continues in the final with continuous steps to try to score a draw, but after 6 minutes of extra time due to the numerous interruptions of Sassuolo, the game ends, with the defeat of the Azzurre for 1 to 0.

In conclusion, there was no concentration in some moments of the match, especially in attack and the difference was in the lack of attention that the women’s team of Napoli had on several occasions, giving away a corner that could have easily been avoided. Congratulations to Sassuolo for the winning match they deserved and won with great commitment and energy, we hope that the journey of the Azzurre can start again next week from Milan, against Inter Women, and all together the club and the fans believe that we can do it if we fight to the end!

#NeverGiveUp #WeAreNapoli #ForzaAzzurre

Published by Marco Perrotta

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