Welcome to the 17th day of Serie A Women, a spectacular match between Napoli Female vs Empoli Ladies, where there was no lack of emotions for a very significant match especially for Napoli Women, there is great expectation for a possible overtaking against the San Marino team, which saturday lost their match against Roma.

Very intense start of the first half with a good action by Sarah Huchet in the 4th minute, which makes us understand the concentration of the Azzurre, but unfortunately it is the Empoli team, which with great ball possession and quick game changes that finds the goal in the 7th minute with the striker Prugna, great joy for the Tuscans who did not think they had such an easy start. Empoli’s second goal arrives after a few minutes precisely in the 12th minute thanks to a free-kick that finds the striker Glionna in the area of Azzurre and overtakes the goalkeeper Tasselli, from close range; it is really a bad moment for the Azzurre who did not think they would find themselves in such difficulty after only 12 minutes of play, but slowly the match takes another direction and towards the 28th minute there is a great shot by Nocchi on restart of the Napoli, who finds the Empoli goalkeeper prepared.

The goal from the Azzurre arrives in the 30th minute, with the striker Cafferata reducing the gap we are at 2-1. It is a good moment for Napoli and Cafferata after a quick restart is hit in the Empoli area, the referee grants the penalty for the Azzurre, we are in the 35th minute it will be the French player Sarah Huchet to beat the penalty and score with great joy and happiness of the whole team and lead the Azzurre to a draw, the result is now 2-2. The first half ends with this result which is fairly true of the progress of the match in the first part of the game.

The second half begins with the teams that are very careful and tactically well put on the football field and in fact neither team wants to unbalance. The game unlocks in the 70th minute with a great shot from outside the area by Sarah Huchet, which will surely be awarded as the best goal of the championship day, a real Eurogol we could define it and Napoli Women ahead thanks to this feat of the French midfielder, the Azzurre are now getting us used to spectacular goals after Goldoni’s last week.

The match seems to go in the right direction for the Azzurre but at minute 85 a gross error in defense of Napoli allows the Empoli team to find a draw, we are at 3-3, even the referee puts us a little seeing first an offside, then assigning the penalty and finally assigning the goal to the Tuscans, everything happens in just one minute, absolute confusion and in general really very poor and unprofessional the referee’s direction of the match, which ends with this episode that could damage Napoli’s stay in Serie A next year. Second half that ends with the result of 3-3, a good draw that demonstrates the strength of the Azzurre who would have deserved to win quietly, had there not been any doubtful episodes to condition the game. We reach San Marino in third last place in the standings having equal points, first time in this season and the distance challenge will continue for a long time between the 2 squad.

We believe in it and shout out our passion for Napoli Women, until the last match everything is possible, we absolutely have to face these last matches as if they were finals!

#NeverGiveUp #WeAreNapoli #ForzaAzzurre

Published by Marco Perrotta

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