Real Madrid is the latest football club, among the most important in Europe, to have given birth to the women’s team, which began its first football season in 2020/2021. Despite the delay with which he entered women’s football the Madrid club already seems to have quite clear ideas on how to grow the project.

Real Madrid for women continues to attract acclaim and to grow in interest. HBO España showed how a neighborhood team how Club Deportivo Tacón becomes Real Madrid for women. The production of “UN SUEÑO REAL” is by the Exile Content studio and the Spanish company Newtral. Feelings are a fundamental part of this dream made of sacrifice, hope, defeats, victories of a group of women who become part of the most important club in the history of football.

The Spanish club wasted no time and, aware of the worldwide appeal enjoyed by its brand, immediately took steps to grow the female team also from a commercial point of view. Fans, but also simple fans, can already buy the official Real Madrid Femenino jerseys in the club’s stores, from the end of 2020. The Club of President Florentino Perez wasted absolutely no time, immediately dedicating himself to the merchandising activities of the newborn women’s team.

Incredible news comes from England for Spanish women’s football. Florentino Pérez is said to be negotiating with a Saudi group, Qiddiya, to finance the women’s team with 150 million euros over 10 years. The deal, rumors of which were provided by the British newspaper The Times, would make the Saudi Arabian group the main sponsor of the women’s club. The men’s club would also be linked to the sponsor with at least four players from the men’s team who would promote the Qiddiya group and an agreement is also being sought with the club’s ambassadors.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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