There is a very deep relationship between SSC Napoli and Marcelo Burlon: first of all, the creative director of County of Milan is Argentine, and therefore it is as if there was an elective affinity, not to say genetic, between him and the Neapolitan capital; not surprisingly, in fact, in some evenings as a DJ set, he played wearing the Azzurro team shirt. Because of all this, but also for his artistic career, Burlon is much admired in Naples, and in fact, in some images of Uninvited – the docufilm about his life released in 2017 – he can be seen touring the city and embracing the Neapolitans as if it were one of them.

It is evident that the affection is mutual. Now this bond is destined to become even stronger, given that the Marcelo Burlon County of Milan brand has collaborated with Kappa to create a new line of football kits for SSC Napoli.

Gattuso’s team will play against FC Inter (Sunday 18 April 2021) with a dark shirt which, on the shoulders, is embellished with a very light blue and very bright blue wing motif, according to the typical style of Burlon’s aesthetics; the goalkeeper lined up against the Nerazzurri – in all likelihood it will be Alex Meret because David Ospina is injured – will instead wear a yellow jersey with the same pattern on his shoulders, also in Azzurro, only this Azzurro is closer to the classic shade of SSC Napoli.

It is a collaboration that goes beyond the playing field, in fact, the collection also consists of streetwear clothing and gadgets – hats, backpacks, balls. County of Milan has already worked with Kappa in the past, creating different lines that we’re able to put together, in a creative and surprising way, the sporting soul of the Turin brand and the designs loved by Marcelo Burlon, inspired by the aesthetics of tribal and to urban subcultures. Now, however, this new experiment takes the relationship to a higher level, demonstrating once more how football is now increasingly linked to the world of fashion. The collection is already available on the e-commerce channels of SSC Napoli, Kappa, and County of Milan.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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