The presentation of the project relating to the new Avellino stadium was held at Palazzo di Città on April 24th. The new structure will be a very modern facility with 21,500 seats and will take the place of the current “Partenio-Lombardi”, home to the home matches of the Irpinia club, which will be ready in 2024.

The President of US Avellino, Angelo Antonio D’Agostino, underlined the importance of a new gaming facility for the biancoverde club, a project looking to the future: “For about a year, I have not yet had the pleasure of attending a match with the public. Hence the idea of the stadium, which will be very beautiful and innovative. The initiative is of great importance for the whole province, we will bear the economic costs. At the same time, we want to preserve the past: within this structure, there will also be a museum, where memories of the Serie A times will also be exhibited. We hope that the new stadium will give us the same prestige and also support, economic and entrepreneurial induced, which attract people and bring economy to the city and to the team itself. We want to send a message: to give hope to the whole country at this particular moment “.

The costs, according to President D’Agostino, will be around 50 million euros: “For the name, we decided to keep the current one. It will be a new ‘Partenio-Lombardi’ Stadium, then we’ll see. It will rise exactly where it stands today, the current structure. It will be demolished and rebuilt in the same place. “

Attending the press conference, Architect Gino Zavanella, father of Juventus Stadium: I am really satisfied with the project we are presenting, we are talking about a 21,500-seat facility, all seated and covered. We have added the UEFA 4 category, meaning it will also be able to host international matches.

The architect guarantees that it will be a one-of-a-kind facility: “It will allow a view of Sanctuary of Montevergine, it opens up to the city and its citizens, with about 20,000 square meters available, with services open all week, 7 days a week: gyms, neighborhood activities, medical center, museum, congress hall and restaurants. A stadium that was created for the city and with the city. The spectator, therefore, will not only attend the match, because the services present at the stadium will allow him to stay for hours before and after the match”. Great attention is also paid to other details: “The use of predetermined parking spaces, for a total of approximately 2,000 spaces provided, will allow for more fluid and orderly mobility”. Video Presentation, #ForzaLupi

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