From the Campania Region comes 2.5 million euros for the works on the Arechi Stadium. In the last few hours, the announcement by Governor Vincenzo De Luca of the investment that will allow to adapt the Stadium in via Allende to the parameters required to participate in the next Serie A; 5 million euros will be used to finance various interventions: billboard, new lighting, benches (they must be larger), fences, refurbished toilets and the turnstiles necessary to increase the capacity of the stadium which will reach almost 38 thousand units (37180).

The Region intervened to help the Municipality of Salerno, which can only support part of the required disbursement as reported in yesterday’s edition of Il Mattino Newspaper. The works must be completed by the start of the championship which will start on 22 August. The most urgent interventions are those relating to lighting and fences. For a full month you will have to work tirelessly, after being awarded by tender. By June 21, however, Salernitana will present the modules to the Infrastructural Criteria Commission of the Serie A League using – temporarily – the Ciro Vigorito stadium in Benevento as a temporary Stadium. The idea is to transform the Arechi into an English stadium, also thanks to the removal of the protective nets behind the doors and the “cage” from the guest sector.

The current president of the US Salernitana promoted to Serie A, Claudio Lotito, cannot be the top-flight holder of two clubs (Salernitana and Lazio). And so here are the negotiations for the sale of the Salerno Club. The one most accredited for the moment as a possible future property of the Salernitana Club is the Della Valle Family, formerly of Fiorentina.

The desire on the part of the Della Valle Family to resume football in Serie A with Salernitana after leaving Fiorentina two years ago has always been there. As reported by the local newspaper ‘La Città’, at the moment there is still no detailed offer for Lotito and Mezzaroma. But the contacts between the parties, at a distance and away from prying eyes, were not lacking and could intensify in the next few hours with the definitive closure of the deal (about 30 million euros).

Published by Marco Perrotta

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