Calcio Sociale was founded in 2005 as a non-profit amateur sports club. For over 10 years, we have been operating in youth contexts with a high risk of deviance, offering an educational and pedagogical activity that involves the boy and his family at 360 degrees.

In 2009, thanks to the commitment of volunteers, institutions, companies and citizens, the Campo dei Miracoli – Valentina Venanzi was born, a sports center open to all in the Corviale district, southwestern outskirts of the city of Rome. In 2012, Calcio Sociale was called to Brussels at the headquarters of the European Parliament to tell about her experience as an example of an association that carries out a cutting-edge integration project to be exported to all European capitals.

To date, the Calcio Sociale activities are present in Rome, in the Corviale district, in Tuscany in Montevarchi and in Empoli, in Naples, in the Scampia district, in Sardinia in Quartu S.Elena and in Abruzzo in the town of Carsoli. Every year twinning and summer camps are organized to share the football social experience together

The principles and values proposed by Calcio Sociale are expressed through the game of football as a metaphor for life: we are thus able to promote the values of hospitality, respect for diversity, the correct growth of the person, and a healthy relationship with society. We work to ensure that children, teenagers, and adults recover the taste for honesty and are positive examples for the proper development of the community. Each of our initiatives has a purely pedagogical purpose, of high qualitative depth and psycho-therapeutic value: our attention is focused on the abilities and not on the handicaps present in subjects considered difficult.

The sporting activity becomes an opportunity to promote cultural and “spiritual” events capable of putting the collective consciousness back in motion in favor of social emergencies in Italy.

Calcio Sociale proposes a different sporting methodology, based on the revision of the rules of football, a growth program that aims at the authentic development of the participants, transferring the appropriate tools to become active protagonists of change, using the skills and initiative necessary to act and build a better world. We propose a football reinterpreted out of the common logic. All the rules are aimed at promoting the care of relationships, preferring them to simple sports competition.

The matches are played not only on the pitch but also “off the pitch”: laboratory activities and awareness-raising on issues related to environmental protection, legality, and inclusion. Active citizenship activities with the aim of changing and improving the area

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