The story of Lorenzo Insigne Captain of Napoli Football Club and fresh winner of Euro2020 with the number 10 shirt of the Italian National team leads us to discover who are the heroes and men who play football in our teams, it is certainly a real honor and pride to have “Lorenzo il Magnifico” in the team of our city and which has finally been able to consecrate itself internationally with this prestigious victory for Italy.

Lorenzo says: you all know where I come from, from nothing. My father worked every day to try not to fall into the hands of the Camorra, he had a walking fruit cart, mom helped him as he could but he was lame and couldn’t walk for long. Many make fun of me because I don’t know how to speak Italian well, the truth is that at 12, instead of going to school, I went to help dad at work, other than studying.

In the morning we went out at 5, loaded the cart, and then went around all over Naples to sell. In all conditions, both in the rain and in the beating sun. And there were no days off or holidays.

When dad didn’t sell I would take an apple and start dribbling to vent my anger, after a year I was doing what I wanted with apples. So it was that I started with the peaches, which were a little smaller, up to the cherries. One day we arrived in Castel Volturno, we could no longer sell in other areas because we competed with the Camorra street vendors, and there I was noticed by a Napoli Club Observer while I was dribbling with a cherry with my right hand and peeling the medlar with my left.

There was the turning point; in the morning I went out with dad, we did a new round so as to arrive in Castel Volturno in the afternoon for training, and in the evening I went to the square to dribble with fruit

The rest is all the result of sweat, determination and humility; which has little to do with my designer clothes, if I spend money at Gucci it’s because as a child I walked around in second-hand clothes.

Published by Marco Perrotta

Last news about Italian Football, around the world of soccer and the new tendencies of sports industry in optical Glocal, from one of the 5 big teams in Italy to arrive in a new league like Major League Soccer (MLS) and China Super League. The only indepent site for fans and strangers supporters, that like "Calcio".

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