Italian football isn’t fine. The Serie A League has resumed, the stadiums are (half) reopened but the situation for the club’s coffers is still dramatic. This is demonstrated by the fact that, in the general silence, the FIGC has decided to postpone all deadlines for the payment of taxes and contributions indefinitely. Too many teams couldn’t pay them.

An entire League without controls was not enough. Throughout the 2020/2021 season, due to Covid, Serie A and the other European Leagues had gone ahead with exemptions, spreading salaries (as long as the players agreed), snatching a few months’ tax moratorium from the government, doing everything possible to postpone what had to be paid yesterday to tomorrow. And there was no lack of controversy over the fact that from the Inter Italian champion down, many teams had won victories and placings without honoring the slopes (but the fault, if anything, is not of those who exploited these exceptions but of those who gave them to them. granted). The FIGC claimed to be in good standing for registrations for the new season, but those who were under the illusion that the partial return of spectators would solve the situation, were wrong.

The emergency continues, at least for the football, which had already been in trouble for some time and which will take time to recover from the coronavirus blow. Closed stadiums were not the only real reason for the crisis and in fact, their partial reopening has not resolved it. For days, with the approach of the first deadlines set by the regulations (30 September for Serie A, but already 16 September for Serie B and Lega Pro, second and third division), the usual frenzy among cash-strapped presidents had begun again. Because we are talking about millions and millions of euros: there were tax withholdings to be paid from last March to today, practically half a year of taxes and contributions, with heavy penalties in the ranking for those who did not. Punctual the Football Federation’s life jacket arrived, this time without even saving appearances by setting a new date. He will talk about it in better times.

Published by Marco Perrotta

Last news about Italian Football, around the world of soccer and the new tendencies of sports industry in optical Glocal, from one of the 5 big teams in Italy to arrive in a new league like Major League Soccer (MLS) and China Super League. The only indepent site for fans and strangers supporters, that like "Calcio".

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