Historic agreement between two of the most powerful leagues in the world. NBA and F1 team up with a commercial agreement intended to further expand the community of fans. On October 19, the 75th NBA season in history kicked off. To celebrate, the league concluded this partnership agreement with Formula 1 at the United States GP to be held in Austin over the weekend.

F1 and the NBA, respectively the most famous motorsport category and the most famous basketball league in the world, have reached a commercial agreement that could have huge financial weight. We will thus be able to see a Ferrari with the livery of the Warriors, or a Red Bull painted with the colors of the Celtics, or a Mercedes Lakers. From now, with the union of these two immense communities, it will be possible, even if not in the race.

The partnership will begin this weekend, when F1 returns to the United States with the Austin GP, on the occasion of the 75th NBA season that has begun. Exclusive versions of Formula 1 cars customized with the colors of the 30 teams of the American basketball championship will be presented. The top 10 have already been revealed on NBA and F1 social networks, and represent: Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers; all 30 deductibles will be presented over the weekend.

A playground, renamed “NBA75”, will be set up in the paddock of the Austin Grand Prix. With the management of ESPN, the challenge between the various pilots will be held, with some NBA stars and legends as mentors, who will be able to distract themselves for a few moments from the tension of the race weekend, trying their hand at a shooting competition. The pilot who scores the most baskets, out of 10 attempts, will win the prize of $ 20,000, to be donated to charity.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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