The Football Association’s prosecutor’s office has opened a file on a series of suspicious capital gains from the last two years. It was an inspection of companies listed on the stock exchange by Consob that provoked the decision of the federal prosecutor led by Giuseppe Chiné. Attention was drawn to some Juventus transfer market transactions.

In the magnifying glass on the Consob-Covisoc axis, some deals have ended, in particular, that of Juventus with Barcelona which then led to the sale of Pjanic (60 million) to the Catalans. Preceded by the purchase of Pereira Da Silva (8 million) and then of Arthur (72 million) and Marques (8.2 million) by Andrea Agnelli’s club, which would have received a total of almost 50 million in capital gains for this round of operations. The same goes for Genoa with Rovella’s 18 million, sold to Juve (he is still on loan to the Rossoblu club) while Portanova (at 10 million) and Petrelli (at 8) were doing the reverse. However, the issue is not to be considered only from a technical point of view, the problem concerns not only the evaluation of the players but the transfers of money actually occurred (or not).

In the 42 market operations reported there is also SSC Napoli. The story is the one that led Osimhen to De Laurentiis in the face of the sale of a group of players that allowed the club to still make a significant figure on the capital gain front. A less hot front in recent months also due to the loosening of the rules on financial FairPlay and the monitoring of the Football Association, which now clearly divides the classic budget revenues (from TV rights downwards) from capital gains. The problem, however, is always the same: how to arrive at an objective definition of the word “fictitious” in reference to some operations in a world where there is obviously no shared criterion for estimating the value of a player? In fact, the only precedent that had led to a conviction of some importance concerned the exchanges between Chievo and Cesena in 2018 with the three penalty points to the Venetians (the federal prosecutor had asked for 15, while in the meantime the Romagna club had failed). But there had been a criminal investigation into that matter, complete with wiretapping.

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