From today, tap & go®, the innovative payment system that allows you to travel on local public transport using your contactless payment card, starts in Naples, without the need to have a paper ticket with you. Partner of the initiative, Mastercard, a leading company in payment services, which has supported the Consorzio Unico Campania and the local public transport companies involved, in this first phase of experimentation. The initiative is presented by SSC Napoli with a long note on its official website, accompanied by the words of President Aurelio De Laurentiis.

“This partnership with Mastercard is particularly significant for us at Calcio Napoli, because since the beginning, since I took over the company from bankruptcy and recreated it from scratch, I have always made innovation, including technological innovation, my mantra. Congratulations to Mastercard, but also to local institutions for the courage they have shown in preparing this revolution. Brilliant ideas remain ideas if there is no courage in trying to realize them, even at risk. But I am sure that Naples and Campania are ready for a real cultural and entrepreneurial renaissance”, declared Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of SSC Napoli.

In its initial phase, tap & go is available on the EAV metro lines in the stations of the Naples – Sorrento and Aversa – Piscinola line and on the ANM Metro Line 1 and Funicolare Centrale and Chiaia lines. Subsequently, within the next 18 months, the service will also be extended to all EAV railway lines and buses of the consortium companies. The system works with any type of card, even with digitized cards on NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, and without additional commissions for consumers. Using tap & go means having a ticket always in your pocket and having access to the most convenient rate, based on the movements of the day and the entry and exit stations. In fact, the new system automatically calculates the best fare, from a single journey to an integrated ticket or an urban day ticket. By registering in the reserved area of ​​the UnicoCampania Consortium, you can also check your charges and the tickets purchased.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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