The statue of Maradona will be inaugurated on November 28th. During Napoli-Lazio match in the stadium that bears the name of the greatest footballer of all time, the statue dedicated to Maradona will be presented. Stefano Ceci, friend and former manager of the Argentine, to the microphones of the Canale 21 Television, also revealed the phrase engraved on the statue of Maradona, wanted by Diego himself for the Neapolitans:

“To Maradona I said that sooner or later I would dedicate a statue to him, he told me to write the sentence: ‘I’m a Neapolitan too’. There will be this sentence on the statue that we will present at the Maradona stadium.

I donated the statue of Maradona to the city of Naples, President De Laurentiis immediately grasped the idea and stressed the importance of hosting the statue in Maradona’s house. Statue made of bronze. The statue will go around the field to show it to all the fans”. The statue will then be placed inside the stadium, near the referee room. The idea is to create a museum in the stadium. It is the living reproduction of the Maradona, 167 centimeters high”.

The statue in honor of Diego Armando Maradona will be presented at the Fuorigrotta Stadium on November 28 and will be placed inside the stadium as explained by the friend and ex-manager of the Pibe, Stefano Ceci:

The statue of Maradona will be placed inside the changing rooms. The idea is to create a museum inside the facility dedicated to Maradona and to place the statue outside on certain occasions of themed days. It will have the same measurements as Diego, so it will be a reproduction of him.

The decision to place the statue of Maradona inside the stadium created disappointment and discontent among the Azzurri fans. The Neapolitans would have liked the statue always visible to all. Someone had proposed to place the statue near the entrance to the stadium, others would have wanted it at the edge of the playing field.

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