In Barcelona’s strategy to collect precious resources, it is also necessary to capitalize on its history and tradition, opening the doors to new initiatives. Among these, there is a special one at high costs. Next week he will put the Camp Nou “on rent”. The club communicates this on its official channels, explaining that the Catalan stadium will be available to fans from 6 to 11 June. A unique experience offered by the Catalans, who for 300 euros each will allow fans to tread the Camp Nou lawn and play a real one-hour match, complete with coaches, referees, and medical staff, changing in the changing rooms of the stadium and also taking advantage of a visit to the Barcelona museum.

Barcelona, which has to pay years of extra-large expenses, has to tighten its belts. He has no other choice but to stay afloat both because the accounts in the balance sheet are like stones in his pocket and because the new rules of the La Liga no longer allow escapes forward, financial tricks. Even the somersaults of capital gains are no longer enough. A 1.35 billion euro debt accumulated over the course of previous administrations is a promissory note that takes away sleep. Letting Lionel Messi leave was the first step: the Argentine was too expensive, not even a football superpower like the Iberian one could afford such a luxury. The rest came by itself, the red of economic management dictated the agenda.

  1. Cut costs. The Catalan club’s austerity policy does not allow concessions or waste of any kind. The watchword is: save. On the whole, starting with the use of the Camp Nou environments and the training fields ensures that the costs of electricity are under control, and contained.
  2. Monetize, this is the new slogan of the Blaugrana Club. In Barcelona’s strategy to collect precious resources, there is not only the promotion of the best talents of the “Cantera” to be entrusted to Xavi or an economic-sports program that is lower than the monstrous figures of previous years. We need to capitalize on our own history and tradition, opening the doors to new initiatives.

Més que un Club. Looking forward to better times.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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