Lega Pro today presented the 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan, a development path with a vision that connotes the same league not only from a competitive point of view but also as an organization capable of generating value for young people and the territory. It is football that is good for the country.

The Plan was illustrated today in Rome during a digital event with the participation of FIFA president Gianni Infantino, Lega Pro president Francesco Ghirelli, club presidents, and over five hundred representatives of the country’s institutional and productive world.

Lega Pro’s new strategy aims to pursue objectives of economic sustainability with social objectives, in the belief that social sustainability constitutes a lever of competitive advantage. The work, conducted by Lega Pro with the technical-methodological support of PwC, led to the definition of the league’s long-term purpose, contained in its new “Mission”: “Lega Pro represents the gateway to professionalism and the training ground for young talents in the territory

Six are the areas of growth identified for the pursuit of the mission: economic and financial sustainability, the strengthening of institutional relations, the involvement of the territory, the dissemination of culture, reforms and innovation, the promotion of transparency. For each area the strategic objectives and the actions to be taken to achieve them have been defined.

The Strategic Plan has also identified the actions to create a “2024 Operating Model”. Among these are the search for new sources of revenue, the establishment of a Foundation for social initiatives, the creation of a Media company, to reach an ever wider audience through the most innovative methods and, finally, the reconversion of the mission of Football Services in Sport Innovation Center.

“In the painful period linked to Covid-19, Lega Pro has worked to resist the blows inflicted by the crisis. He analyzed the impact of the pandemic on clubs and identified a series of endogenous and exogenous measures to bring economic relief to the teams “said Francesco Ghirelli, president of Lega Pro.” In a second phase we developed a plan for a resumption of competitions and sporting activities in safe conditions and only after we worked on a growth model that would design a new normal. With the Strategic Plan we open the doors with transparency and professionalism on our objectives and we work to identify strategic partnerships to pursue them “.

With the Strategic Plan Lega Pro sets itself the goal of being an innovation laboratory, an open place capable of thinking as a system. “Lega Pro is working to strengthen its reputation, with a view to intensifying dialogue with all stakeholders in the sector, not only from the sports world but also from the world of institutions and companies,” said Francesca Buttara, head of Lega Pro’s institutional relations. “Lega Pro is widespread, permeates the territory, produces economic value, and multiplies it from a social point of view. It can therefore be a credible ally for all the realities that want to contribute to the social and economic life of the country “.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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