Amazon would be in pole position to buy SSC Napoli Club in Italy. Incredible but true: Jeff Bezos would like to take over the Azzurro Club, today in the hands of Aurelio De Laurentiis. A wide-ranging project, that of the American entrepreneur, would also involve the Fuorigrotta Stadium and the second port of the Campania Region by 2026. The news is given by the journalist Luca Cerchione, director of Il Sogno nel Cuore, to the microphones of 1 Football Club, broadcast on the frequencies of 1 Station Radio. De Laurentiis was close to an agreement with a Qatari fund with which he was already in contact for Lorenzo Insigne. The Azzurro President – revealed Cerchione – knows the president of an Arab team to which he had also offered the captain for 10 million euros: he wanted to sell it to him in January. There is a good relationship between the two presidents, so much so that, in the next two years, a Qatari sponsor will join the SSC Napoli Club. In recent days, however, it seems that there has been a very important expression of interest from Amazon.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, born in Jorgensen, is an American businessman. Founder and president of Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world, his company is capable of earning $ 955,000 per minute. Bezos is also the founder and CEO of Blue Origin, a spaceflight company, and owner of the Washington Post.

The owner of the international colossus focuses heavily on Naples city and beyond. Among its warehouses in Italy, there is also that of Arzano in the metropolitan area. Bezos has sniffed out the ‘Diego Armando Maradona’ stadium deal: he wants to buy it, since it was put up for sale by the Municipality of Naples, renaming it ‘Amazon Arena Maradona’. He could buy immediately and leave Aurelio De Laurentiis as honorary president until 2026, because De Laurentiis would not want to give up the blue club before then, at the moment that the club’s centenary will fall in 2026: a great business opportunity for the current ADL President.

Published by Marco Perrotta

Last news about Italian Football, around the world of soccer and the new tendencies of sports industry in optical Glocal, from one of the 5 big teams in Italy to arrive in a new league like Major League Soccer (MLS) and China Super League. The only indepent site for fans and strangers supporters, that like "Calcio".

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