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PositionsTeamsRevenues 18/19FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeTotal of Social
1FC Barcelona840,8103,281,731,68,7225,2
2Real Madrid757,3110,882,433,55,3232,0
3Manchester United711,573,233,220,82,4129,6
4Bayern Munich660,150,019,64,81,375,7
5Paris Saint-Germain635,939,526,77,52,175,8
6Manchester City610,638,516,97,52,365,2
8Tottenham Hotspur521,113,86,94,00,925,6
12Borussia Dortmund377,115,19,03,40,528,0
13Atletico Madrid367,613,78,84,50,227,2
14FC Internazionale Milano364,619,84,22,10,626,7
15Schalke 04324,82,90,80,70,14,5
16AS Roma2319,63,01,90,314,8
17Olympique Lyonnais220,83,61,31,70,16,7
18West Ham United216,42,31,01,60,15,0
20SSC Napoli207,44,42,01,60,28,2

In the analysis of the social networks among the top 20 clubs at European level, very interesting food for thought emerges, the first 2 positions are the prerogative of Barcelona and Real Madrid which are equivalent in almost all the social networks used globally, followed by Manchester United that despite the lack of presence in the Champions League in recent years keeps firm the position among the top 3 in the class.
From the fourth position to the eleventh we have another interesting block of which Chelsea and Juventus despite being positioned in the middle of the standings have a very strong presence in all the Social networks, highlighting the positive trend with a pleasant surprise, while on the contrary we see with great amazement that Tottenham in this analysis has a low level of followers in all four social networks analyzed so far despite its high position (currently in 8th place).
Another band to consider goes from 12th place to 14th place, with Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and Inter we note a very similar general level for all 3 of these clubs, which have always been actively involved in a proactive and brilliant football.
Analyzing the last positions from 15th to 20th place, we have a low level of social presence with the only exception of AS Roma which emerges strongly in this last block, mainly due to the numerous followers on Facebook.

Another table that highlights for these top 20 clubs the most followed player at the level of followers in Instagram, the first ever is CR7 with almost 200 million and who nevertheless sees his current team in 10 position even if the brand arrived Juventus has grown a lot and continues with this positive trend. The second place is for Messi with 140 million and the third place for Neymar with 131 million, this is interesting not only for the players themselves but for their clubs who can make the most of all this fame that leads to getting to know the single more and more clubs where they play.
To a much lesser extent clubs like Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester United have footballers with a low presence in social networks, however cmq are not very influenced at a corporate and sports level but simply have a lesser chance of increasing the perception of their brand beyond the continental borders .
The only exception concerns Real Madrid, which currently has a player in the squad who should go away, who is the only one to have more followers after the farewell of CR7, let’s talk about James Rodriguez who with almost 45 million is the social star of his club. This is a situation that will surely have to change in the short term because a highly recognized and highly appreciated club on a global level should have among its ranks a personality that at least can rank among the 3 positions at the Social level.

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