TSA is a functional database suitable for all observation professionals who want to make accurate decisions in the selection phase, allowing, thanks to its metrics, to archive elements in detailed manner, exploiting the study of objective data in the various scouting phases. Thanks to its “Core System”, it allows the individual observer, the companies and the scouting team to direct the entire workflow coming from one or more people and manage it in unique and efficient way.

You can check the work of your collaborators over time by analyzing and comparing all the profiles and data entered by your staff in your database. With integrated notifications, every movement within your group will be under your control.

Thanks to the elasticity of the “Core System”, TSA offers a complete monitoring system that will allow no profile entered in the database to escape your clinical eye and your advanced analyzes, thanks to our integrated filter, classification and comparison tools, ideal for a specific and continuous work over time.

It has been possible to create an advanced dashboard for the creation of highly detailed profiles, which will allow the user to be able to maximize his ability to observe and evaluate present and future to the smallest detail, being able to create unlimited reports and reports over time for everyone the profiles included in your personal space; all this thanks to numerous tests carried out over time by professionals from the world of scouting.

If your staff is engaged in the observation of a championship not present in our database, there is the real possibility of proceeding with a 360° customization thanks to the open core system, i.e. the user can create and insert the championships and clubs missing in our database, and build their own database according to the specific needs of the company in question.

Today’s scouting sector is dominated by platforms that sell data and information in an unlimited way, forgetting that user flexibility is what matters, without taking into account the fact that a mass of information already predefined and classified does not allow decisions to be made. on what end users really think, which generally leads to up to 90% of the purchased data being unused.

What is the competitive advantage that can be achieved using this APP?

  • TSA differs from the competition in that it is a fully customizable SaaS tool designed to adapt to the needs of the end user to meet the need to customize the database with their scouting data.
  • In an industry dominated by software that already provides compiled data that is difficult to interpret in short time, TSA differs from the competition because it is a tool built on the user and designed to adapt to their needs, and to satisfy the need to customize the database 360°

The football scouting platform monitors player profiles, data, statistics and specific rankings, analyzes and compares player performance on the pitch throughout the time, as well as event distribution, thanks to our integrated storage space that allows you to create an individual history of each player. All this can be summarized as follows:

Prepare your own profiles, study the players, their best characteristics and their weaknesses.

Evaluate performance, take notes on injuries and analyze the physical structure of the players

Archive player performance

Study and evaluate in detail all the skills of a player

Create personalized information

Compare all features in specific and detailed manner

Take advantage of the power of our charts to analyze in-depth analysis

Export all data analyzes to pdf

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