The Napoli defender makes another gesture of solidarity towards his compatriots: two ambulances, stretchers, hospital gowns, masks and food sent to Senegal. While the cargo is on its way, Koulibaly is participating in various initiatives in his country.

Two ships have left, a cargo that is love for one’s land. For his Senegal, for those children who in these days of vacation surround him with affection and play football with him looking at him with eyes wide open with hope. Koulibaly is the good man, the hero of the national team who chose his origins, he is like a father, everyone’s friend, the one who made it, and above all does good in a free and spontaneous way. Specifically, with his money and his heart. We are talking about two ships that are already on their way. One left from Genoa, carries two ambulances, the other left from Naples, and is a hospital that floats in the sea because there are cots, wheelchairs, medical supplies, today’s needs but also the future for his village

Always discreet, reserved, committed to fighting poverty and racism, often with the help of his brother and teammate Faouzi Ghoulam. We talk about values and roots. In silence, where there is a need, there is always Koulibaly. You can find it at the traffic lights, in the dark corners of the city of Naples; he supports associations, helps those who suffer, he is close to the Senegal people that he finds every day along his way. He distributes goods, smiles, and his Napoli Calcio shirts; it practically gives a different meaning to those six million and more wages per year that he receives, which is the highest wage paid by Napoli Club and is certainly well spent, spent for others, for those in need and for those who suffer.

Why do we tell this story? Not only for the strongly altruistic and truly disruptive gesture for a footballer who lives a condition of absolute well-being but because these gestures make us understand that there are still boys around the world, men who know how to give the right value to money, to fame and notoriety, becoming real idols that can transmit to all new generations those values that all footballers must have; first you have to be men and then players. Thank you KK26 for your human being and an example for all the kids who follow you and appreciate you for your human values and for your qualities as an extraordinary man and sensitivity to the difficulties that many people living. Now we finally understand why your nickname was K2 as the famous mountain because it is really hard to keep your feet on the ground and do good as you are doing, having achieved the maximum that every guy who loves this sport desires.

Published by Marco Perrotta

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